Monday, October 13, 2014

Your beautiful projects :-)

Hi my dears,
today it is foggy Monday outside my window, hm.. So I decided to better my mood and made the collage of your wonderful projects inspired by Magic with hook and needles :-) Thank you very much for beautiful pictures, you sent me. I am very happy about it! :-) All yours gallery is here :-)

I saw many other pictures on your blogs too. I am always very happy to see my patterns alive! It is so nice :-) They aren't included in this gallery, because I don't want to steal them from your blogs... But if you would like to send me some - I will be happy to add them here :-)

Have a nice week! 

Magic with hook and needles

Magic with hook and needles

Magic with hook and needles

Magic with hook and needles

Magic with hook and needles

Magic with hook and needles

Magic with hook and needles

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

How to sew the applique nicely

Hi my dears,
you are asking me quite often, how I am sewing the crocheted appliques on my creations. So I decided to make an easy tutorial and I hope, you will like it :-)

How to sew crocheted applique

So, what do you need?: Some creation - hat, sweater, purse or something like that :-) - I have prepared a hat, crocheted applique, common sewing needle, common sewing thread and the scissors. Anyway how do you like my new butterfly applique ?:-) I designed new colorful collection - but about this next time. Back to our work.

When I am crocheting the applique, I am trying to work really preciously, neaten free threads thoroughly and nicely and I still shaping the applique, to final look will be nice. It is important to realize, that all details will be visible, when the applique is sewn.

So take your needle and try to find most similar color to fit to your creation. I made very colorful hat, but main color is light pink, so I am using light pink thread. I haven't exactly same pink shade, but similar - and if I will work good, the stitches will be invisible, so I could close my eyes over the pink shade a little bit. 


First of all place the hat in front of you and then place the applique on it. Choose the right place, which you like and pin the applique to the hat. No need to use many pins, one or two is enough. 

Little note: please think about the mirror view. If you will wear your applique on right side, place the applique to the left. I don't want to touch nobody - really! :-) But I remembered on the mirror view a few times in the past and then I had to unweaving... So I am talking from my own experience :-) 

How to sew crocheted applique

To the threads: I am using common sewing threads. I am using double thread. The stitches are firmer. I make a knot at the end of the threads and I am ready for sewing.

If you are also ready - so we could begin :-) You will sew the applique from wrong side of the hat.  So turn your hat to the wrong side. Still hold the applique by your fingers. Insert the needle through or better say inside the crocheted stitches like this way. If you will make the sewn stitches "inside" crocheted stitches, then they will  look invisible.

How to sew crocheted applique almost invisibly

Sew from one side to another, work in one direction. Proceed systematic, sew small areas, begin from edges and then sew the middle of every single area. Still check the right shape of your applique. I am checking it after every two stitches. Still turning from wrong to right side - like crazy, but remember that final work is most important :-) Don't be hurry and work thoroughly.

When I need sew some special endings of the applique like curves of tiny parts and I need to sew more precisely, I turn the hat to right side and insert the needle from wrong side to right side to last but one row of the edge of the applique (not last stitch but like below last stitch of the applique) - like this: 

How to sew crocheted applique almost invisibly

Then I continue with needle to wrong side again, then I make really tiny stitch inside the crocheted stitches again and then continue with needle from wrong to right side of the hat over and over. Still checking and shaping :-).

At the end I make some inner zig zag stitches through all applique, still insert a needle "inside" the crocheted stitches. These final stitches make your applique more joined to the hat. There will be no bulging areas.

And tadaaaah - it is finished. 

This is detailed view of the wrong side of the hat. The applique is sewn almost invisibly :-) 

How to sew crocheted applique almost invisibly

And this is the result :-) 

How to sew crocheted applique almost invisibly

I hope, you find this tutorial useful :-)
Have a nice day, my dears!

Monday, September 29, 2014

My reply to Janice

Two weeks ago, I get wonderful message from Janice H.K.  But I had very busy crazy days, and I didn't answered... I was thinking about it all the time... And today I had a minute a tryied answer. But unfourtunatelly the e-mail still returned to me, like the e-mail adress didn't exist. But I really need you to know, Janice, that I answered. That your message brighted my day :-)


My private message to Janice H. K.:

Hi Janice,
please accept my apologies for delay with my response. I am lost in my e-mails, I guess ...

Thank you very much for your wonderful message. I was really moved, when I read it. I am so glad you like my work :-)

I am so happy, that even I can not speak English very well, you understand me. Sometimes, I just need to tell something about my creations. Trying to write it most understandable I can.

You know, the life isn't always funny and colorful and sometimes - there is only black and gray around... But the hope and the will to change something is that, what makes our lives more colorful and gives new power. And my work is all about it - be positive, raise the head, when the life isn't easy, work hard and believe that the world is colorful and nice place (although all bad things what happening around). I am just trying to give some light and make something what bright our days :-)

Thank you very much for your words again. They warmed my heart :-)

With warm greetings,


Sometimes, my dears, you wrote me so wonderful letters, messages, comments.... Thank you very much for all that words. I just need you to know, that even I didn't reply to all of you (because it isn't in my forces) - your words stay inside of me and give the sense of my work 

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Little flirting..

... with my sewing machine LOL!

School time begins and my baby girl needs an apron. Sooo I found some fabrics when she was sleeping and sew the apron. This was surprise for her. I made it during the night. It should be quick project. But finally I was finished at 2.30 AM, because my sewing machine was broken and I finished it with my hands ... When I cleaned up, I noticed, that my sewing machine goes well again... hm :-). I was so curious, how she would like it. And she was very happy to found it in the morning - oooooo, I am happy mommy :-)