Tuesday, January 20, 2015

My first creation in 2015

Rainbow owl

crochet rainbow owl by Vendula Maderska

Hi my dears, 
how are you in new year? I am busy like a bee, my hubby is in homecare after surgery and I am trying to clean up in all my buttons and yarns - I think, I will never be done with it! I needed to make a little break and created new owl for myself! Do you like it? I like it very much :-)

I wish you nice day!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Looking back at 2014

At the beginning of a new year I am always thinking about the previous one. I remember what important happened in my life. I am looking forward to open my  new diary for first time :-) 

I keep all of my diaries from last years, because they are full of sketches of my ideas. I'm going trough all designs I made in last year and I am looking forward to make those that left to the next year. Last year was full joys and some worries, so I haven't much time for my hooks. 

This was my year 2014

January: I made some colors and new material studies. I designed colorful pompom's scarf and sleeping owl to my owl's collection :-) I made a puppy hat for my goddaughter and puppy applique pattern.

Crochet patterns by Vendula Maderska

My honey girl had wedding :-)

February: The preparation on our puppies gave me less time for creating. But I designed a bag for Gomitoli (Italian producer of yarn). I designed red poppy flower brooch. I revised mushroom applique pattern and made new toy - Little prince best friend - the Fox 
Crochet patterns by Vendula Maderska

March: Our puppies were born! :-)  I am so proud on my Honey girl - Sunny :-)

I tried to work a little bit... and revised my Sheepie coaster pattern and Garden scene purse pattern and made an easy pompom free tutorial. I made another Crazy rainbow bag :-)

Crochet patterns by Vendula Maderska

April: The March was all about the puppies :-) My hooks are sad and lonely....

May: May was still all about the puppies :-) My hooks are still sad and lonely....

 June: June was all about the puppies again :-) Our sweet puppies were going to their new home. And I was trying to work a little bit again! :-) 

I revised birdie purse pattern, I designed new softies :-): butterflies. Sew some dresses for my girl's dolls. I designed little princess applique and the purse for princess and wrote new free tutorial of rainbow of hope and love.

Crochet patterns by Vendula Maderska

July: After two years I finished Crazy rainbow bag pattern - my first happy dancing moment :-) After one year I finished Mad about the buttons bag pattern - my second happy dancing moment :-) and after two years I finished my Good witch pattern - my third happy dancing moment :-)

Crochet patterns by Vendula Maderska

August: We were on vacation :-) It was lovely time! After vacation, we should move to our new home.... But we didn't yet.

Oh, my baby girl will be schoolgirl! OMG - the time is running soooooo fast! I made for her the Candy cone :-) and I finished the heart pattern.
Crochet patterns by Vendula Maderska

September: The school and Kindergarten whirl begun - no time for hooks again! But I revised my patchwork heart pattern. My girl needed an apron - so I sewn one for her! 

Crochet patterns by Vendula Maderska

October: ooooh, my hooks were on the fire! :-) I loved it! I was busy like a bee. I designed autumn rainbow collection and I made big rainbow bag and some hats :-) - butterfly hat and butterfly applique (oh, I just realized, that I didn't add these patterns to my store - I am sorry), rainbow slouchy and some other creation. I wrote new free tutorials: how to sew the applique easily and nicely and how to sew the lining into the crocheted bag

Crochet patterns by Vendula Maderska

November: The Christmas creating - I admire the Christmas!!!!  I revised my Christmas decoration patterns like Christmas booties, and small Christmas tree. Sleeping owl get an Christmas coat :-). I made some colorful Christmas owls I made some sheepie coasters and new hanging decoration - Reindeer (but the base came from my Reindeer coaster pattern).

Crochet patterns by Vendula Maderska

December: I designed new Christmas tree and my first Christmas wreath - I was happy!. I thought, that the Christmas wreath pattern will be my Christmas present for you. But my hubby's injury and illness of me and my girls broke all my plans... But please don't be sad, the pattern will come soon and you will have enough time to make this wreath to the next Christmas :-)

Crochet patterns by Vendula Maderska

Throughout the year you were with me, with your comments and messages and e-mails and pictures and I am very grateful for all your support. I am looking forward that we will meet again in the new year and I would like to wish you the light in your soul, kindness, patience and hope in your heart and strong health for you body ... Heartily Yours, Vendulka

Sunday, December 21, 2014


Hi my dears, 
my small reflection - this Christmas should be special, we should be in our new home, upcoming Christmas should be in the air and all should be just different. In one of my older posts I wrote, that my plans never works... Yes, this is still true. We are living in the same place and upcoming Christmas are visible only in the diary - but the moments of latest weeks remind me again and that the most important things are invisible.  Last weeks were really difficult for me - But - my beloved hubby is home from hospital, all our plans were changed, but one most important thing didn't  - that we all are together. And I was convinced again that I have true friends in my life. This will be wonderful Christmas, totally different what I expected, but ..... 

I wish you wonderful Christmas time too, my dears! 

Christmas wreath

P.S. Today we finally hanged out our Christmas wreath. My girls are happy! I crochet it in the breaks between waiting for the tram or bus from-to school, kindergarten, home and hospital...

Monday, November 24, 2014

Friday, November 21, 2014

Inside Crochet Magazine

Hi my dears, 
it is my pleasure to share with you a new and it is my interview in Inside Crochet Magazine I feel honoured and I am very happy about it :-)

Inside Crochet Magazine

I am talking about my work and the right site of my table... :-) So here is a quick look.


My very first coaster I made. I know, it isn't perfect, but I like this cute sheepie very much :-)

Inside Crochet Magazine Issue 60 

Inside Crochet Magazine